Stay At Home






These next couple of months are going to be very trying for all of us.  Coming at a time where we are entering Spring, may be the one saviour for us all here in the UK.  We can walk, cycle, run, and enjoy the sunshine and beauty.
I am aware though, that these options are not suitable for all of you.  Maybe your health or current injury restricts you from taking an hour’s outdoor exercise once a day.  Maybe you don’t live in an area of natural beauty, you don’t feel comfortable or safe following one of the hundreds of online programs out there, or are so overwhelmed that you don’t know what would be right for you.  Maybe you are isolated and miss the social aspect of your regular lives.
With the Studio on lockdown, Millie wants to spend her time helping you guys however she can; those who are unsure or nervous of how to exercise in a safe way for your needs.
Millie has been helping people like you on a one-to-one basis in fitness and Pilates for over 20 years, and wants to reach out to you.
Sessions will be virtual (of course), but as personal and prescriptive as if you were in the studio environment.
These are being offered at a significant discount,  to help you overcome your exercise fears through these challenging months ahead.
For more information or to discuss your Pilates At Home journey, email me or contact me through my Facebook or Instagram accounts: Pilates Studio Suffolk.

Gong Meditation Aerial Workshop


Gong Meditation is a very ancient form of sound therapy from Asia where the Gong is played in a therapeutic way.

The sound vibrations emitted by Gongs send signals that are interpreted at the energetic, biological & emotional levels, directing the cells to develop in a homeostatic rather than unbalanced manner.

Gongs bring an intense sense of well-being & re-stabilise the balance of energies.

“It’s a cleansing process for the subconscious mind.

~ Dr. Michelle Hebert



3 Years in Halesworth

Three years ago I decided to move my two Pilates Reformers into a larger space in The Cut and expand into a fully equipped Pilates Studio.

Today the studio is open 6 days a week with monthly Sunday workshops with close to 100 regular members, many attending classes 2 or 3 times a week.

In such a quiet and rural area, with little footfall, I am so proud of the community the Studio has created in Halesworth.

Offering the local community quality Pilates classes in a caring and supportive environment has been my goal since the beginning.  Keeping all class sizes between 4-6 people enables all of our team to supervise closely, ensuring all members work towards real and accountable progress.

With a varied timetable of complimentary classes with a strong Pilates base and an online booking system to suit your schedule, a full and rounded exercise week can be achieved by all our members, whatever you age, goals and time restraints.

Last year we rebranded to Pilates Studio Suffolk and brought in our wonderful and highly experienced teachers Emma Hodson and Rich Woodall, taking regular Matwork and Yoga classes and recently Louise to run Sunday aerial yoga workshops which has been a popular addition to the studio.


Aerial Pilates for Muscular Back Pain

The Aerial swing is so versatile and so safe to use that it provides an ideal exercise for treating a multitude of pain issues throughout the body.

Most back pain is musculoskeletal and a result of daily living, poor posture and weak muscles….

This workshop is for those of you struggling with daily or recurring back pain. We will use the decompression spine elements of the swing along with releases, stretches and specific back strengthening work to elongate, mobilise, stretch and strengthen all the back muscles….

Sunday 20th October.  10am – 12pm.  The Dance Studio, The Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk

Click here to book.  Suitable for all ages.

Please note this is only suitable for muscular back pain.

Aerialates Workshop




Due to the popular demand of our recent Sunday Aerial workshops we are delighted to add another to our summer programme.

Aerialates takes your Pilates workout to the next level. Explore familiar exercises but in the Aerial swing. Transferring what you know about Pilates into the swing gives you extra access to the benefits that Pilates has on the body, on decompressing the spine and increasing circulation to the whole body and mind which gives you improved cognition, and a more flexible, strong and able body with increased energy levels.

This workshop will also appeal to those who enjoy a TRX strength suspension type of workout.
Sunday, 25th August. 10am – 12pm


Book here 

AirBarre with Louise Keiller

After the great response to Aerial Yoga with Louise Keiller who normally teachers Barre and Yoga at the Wellbeing Warehouse in Newmarket, we are delighted to have her back on July 21st for AirBarre.

This workshop will be a fusion of Aerial ballet Barre and creative movement.

Working with the strengthening and conditioning that Barre method brings to our bodies, we will be using the swing as our partner. Unlike the Barre, the swing is a mobile support so its function in this workshop is to help us stabilise through the core. We shall visit familiar Barre exercises as well as supported deeper stretching which encourages all over body strengthening, core stabilisation, toning & conditioning & physical expression. Balance & coordination are also refined in this wonderfully energising and uplifting workshop.

This is a 2 hour workshop from 1pm-3pm

To book please follow this link

Recover then build: How Pilates has helped our clients

One of our case studies is Jonathan Foreman, 56, a company director who after illness and injury wanted to get fit for waterskiing.

Why did you start with Pilates Studio Suffolk?
I slipped a disc doing an inane movement and was in agony.  It was the day before I went to Canada for a month’s holiday so that was a massive shame and waste.
The pain and inconvenience it caused made me promise myself that this could never happen again! I asked people for recommendations and the doctor and physiotherapist recommended Pilates.  After asking around I was directed to Pilates Studio Suffolk.

Please describe your experience with Pilates Studio Suffolk.
I discovered immediately that Millie wanted me to get stronger and more flexible . Not just to have me turn up and take my money . She helped me make the correct level of muscle activation and movement so I would recover and then build. Some of the exercises were more about concentration rather than physical efforts and from the start I felt the benefits and really felt good about myself.

What are the benefits you mentioned ?
I had been ill for a long time and had become really weak; I was feeling my age, and if I am hones, I think I was feeling a bit down about it all. I have fun at the classes and I am considerably stronger and more capable because of them. I am running and cycling which before would just leave me with injuries.  And I even took up waterskiing which really puts a lot of work on the body. I feel great.

Would you recommend Pilates Studio Suffolk?
Yes I would, Millie is devoted to getting people to be as good as they can be so you definitely get results. I wish I had gone decades ago. I think it is a vital class to take for any age group, and the antidote to ageing and age related disease is exercise & balanced meals, a social life and using your mind.  At least I have the exercise part sorted and Pilates also helps stimulate the mind.

Pilates for life: One never gets bored

I was introduced to Millie Dobie by a physiotherapist who had been treating my very troublesome back and I have been very thankful for this for the last twenty years.   Millie with her Pilates exercises has really kept me mobile and able to travel and live a normal life, including operations for two new knees with excellent results.   Millie has given me different exercises so one never gets bored and of course keeps all the muscles going, though I have been good and kept the exercises going the rest of the week, not virtue just thoughts of a wheelchair.   She is always cheerful and never cross just rather sad and disappointed if you didn’t keep them up and I always felt far more cheerful after my classes.   Now thanks to illness and age (almost 90) I’ve had to give them up and I have found that tiresome saying ‘Use it or loose it’ ringing only too true.

We are hiring: Group Reformer Teacher

We are looking for a trained Reformer Pilates teacher who can run small group classes of 4 at the beginner, mixed ability and intermediate level.

Our fully equipped studio is located at The Cut, Halesworth. It’s a wonderfully diverse space filled with creative businesses and arts events all year round. Our studio is privately located on the top floor with lovely views over the roof-tops of Halesworth. We also have the dance studio with dance barres and mirrored wall which is great for the group exercise classes. All this is located 10 minutes from the busy seaside resort of Southwold.

Pilates Studio Suffolk Launch

We’re rebranding…

New Year…New Name

From Jan 4th 2019 you will see a new logo for Pilates Studios Suffolk.  Don’t worry; it’s still us
I am not removing my service but separating my name to allow for other teachers and classes to step in and provide even more of the studio work I’ve been building over the last 2.5 years.
The same small group and client care you’ve grown accustomed to, will continue as always.