What does Reformer mean?

The Pilates  Reformer classes are really fun and challenging (and target arms, legs, and back a little better than mat work) .

And it’s extremely effective. Joseph said himself that with Pilates you can feel a difference in 6 sessions, see one in 20, and have a whole new body in 30.

Millie has had plenty of students notice a difference even more quickly. If you’re going to spend money on a work out, it really should work!

Are classes suitable for senior ages?

Absolutely!..Many of Millie’s clients fall under the umbrella of ‘older adult’….many of them in their 60s and 70s….and beyond.

 The Reformer classes are suitable for this age bracket due to its wonderful resistance work.  Many clients with arthritis, osteoporoses and knee / hip replacements to name just a few have felt huge benefits from the work on the Reformer.

Similar benefits have been reported when recovering from sports injuries or accidents. The variety of levels of classes ensures there will be options suitable for you.

Why are reformer classes more expensive?

Training in equipment is a very expensive and time consuming venture.

 The knowledge of a STOTT PILATES equipment trainer can add amazing dynamics to a clients overall health and quality of life.

 The equipment – a high end studio reformer is at least £2,500. Go really high end, and you’re looking at more like £5K. The other equipment is similarly pricey. To fully outfit a studio with the gadgets of Pilates, you are heading upwards of six figures.

The class sizes – Millie’s Reformer Classes are very small. If we had a reformer class with 30 reformers, it would make sense that those classes could be cheaper. But, there’s no way to teach a class that big and keep the students safe, even if it were possible to find a space large enough to accommodate it.

So, it’s more expensive for a reason.

Are you a fully qualified trainer?

Millie is a highly qualified Instructor having trained as an Exercise To Music Studio Instructor and level 3 Personal Trainer with YMCA Fitness.

Pilates Matwork Diploma with the Pilates Institute

My equipment training and updated workshops are with Stotts Pilates.

I continue to attend CPD workshops and trainings and to keep up with the current thoughts and approaches in the industry.

How often do I have to attend a class to get results?

This is a question I get asked over and over.

Unfortunately nothing is gained overnight.  I try to encourage your exercise program as a way of life, promoting health and vitality.

The main thing is consistency

Why should I attend a real rather than a virtual class or DVD?

Online classes serve a fantastic place in todays busy lifestyles and there are so many to choose from from all over the world, but do they really replace the experience coming to the studio provides?

How many of you have questioned whether you are doing exercises correctly when following a DVD?  Or how to adjust them to suit you?

I pride myself on the individual attention, correction and encouragement I give to all my clients.

Got A Question?

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