Stay At Home

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These next couple of months are going to be very trying for all of us.  Coming at a time where we are entering Spring, may be the one saviour for us all here in the UK.  We can walk, cycle, run, and enjoy the sunshine and beauty.
I am aware though, that these options are not suitable for all of you.  Maybe your health or current injury restricts you from taking an hour’s outdoor exercise once a day.  Maybe you don’t live in an area of natural beauty, you don’t feel comfortable or safe following one of the hundreds of online programs out there, or are so overwhelmed that you don’t know what would be right for you.  Maybe you are isolated and miss the social aspect of your regular lives.
With the Studio on lockdown, Millie wants to spend her time helping you guys however she can; those who are unsure or nervous of how to exercise in a safe way for your needs.
Millie has been helping people like you on a one-to-one basis in fitness and Pilates for over 20 years, and wants to reach out to you.
Sessions will be virtual (of course), but as personal and prescriptive as if you were in the studio environment.
These are being offered at a significant discount,  to help you overcome your exercise fears through these challenging months ahead.
For more information or to discuss your Pilates At Home journey, email me or contact me through my Facebook or Instagram accounts: Pilates Studio Suffolk.

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